Early Lafayette County Marriage Books

DAR Transcription

Some of the early Lafayette County, MO marriage books were transcribed by the Lexington Chapter of the DAR. These books cover a period between 1866 and 1900. The following links can be used to download PDF files containing these transcriptions. To make the size of the files more manageable, they are split into three different files with a fourth file containing all of them. Use the links below to download the period of interest.

The files were converted to a searchable PDF format so that one can search for a given name using the search facilities in the PDF reader.  (Keep in mind that there may be variations in the spelling of names in the original records.)

The listings generally contain only the names of the groom and bride, the date of the marriage, and the presiding official. (Occasionally they may include some additional information, such as witnesses or children.) Because they include marriages performed by a justice of the peace, the listings are useful for finding marriages not recorded in church records.

Book D - 1850 to 1858 (106 Kb): - LafayetteCoMarriageBookD   [Recent find]

Books E and F - 1866 to 1880 (4.7 Mb): - LafayetteCoMarriageBooks_pt1

Books G, H, 1, and 2 – 1872 to 1888 (4.5 Mb): - LafayetteCoMarriageBooks_pt2

Books 3, 4, 5, and 6 – Oct 1888 to Jan 1901 (5.9 Mb): - LafayetteCoMarriageBooks_pt3

Previous ten books, 1866-1901 (15.1 Mb): - LafayetteCoMarriageBooks_all

(Note that there are some overlapping dates in parts 1 and 2.)

Missouri State Archives

Another source of  Lafayette County marriages between 1821 and 1969 can be found in the Missouri State Archives.  Microfilm scans of these records (which must be browsed page by page) are posted online at

FamilySearch website: Missouri, County Marriage Records, 1800-1991, Lafayette 

Unfortunately, this collection is incomplete and somewhat disorganized.   However, it includes images of most of the early marriage records and marriage licenses through 1969.  The marriage licenses usually include the date of the marriage ceremony added by the presiding official.

The following large file (16 Mb) is a searchable compilation of the indexes, through 1946, found on that website.  Note that the period between 1870 and 1882 was not indexed.  (You can use the marriage books in the previous section above to search those dates.)  Some of 1903 is missing as well as all of the records for 1929 and most of 1930 (for which the original records appear to have been lost).

1821-1869 and 1883-1946 Lafayette Co Marriage License Indexes

The list has numerous misspellings which may either be a result of how the names were recorded in the original document or errors in transcribing the handwriting when they were indexed.  No attempt was made to correct these errors.  If a particular couple cannot be found in this list, one still may be able to locate them with a little bit of searching in the original records posted at the website above.

If you are interested in marriages in other Missouri counties or would like to obtain a copy of the actual marriage license, go to the following website location:

Complete set of Missouri marriage records. 

Instructions for using this website are provided on the following message board posting More marriage records.

Other Transcriptions

Other transcriptions of early marriage records for Lafayette and surrounding counties can be accessed using the following links.

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